Cry School Yearbook is a collaboration between Jennie Suddick, Alison S. M. Kobayashi, Cameron Lee and Emily Gove where the artists provide goth, metalhead and stoner makeovers to willing participants. This transformative process calls to mind the subcultural youth movements that run parallel to mainstream codes of dress and behaviour. The Yearbook itself exists as a faux document, recalling the naivety and self consciousness of youth. Cringe-worthy photos now represent a nostalgic attempt at embracing our formative years through a temporary transformation.
This re-creation of an institutional right of passage highlights both the nostalgia of looking back to one’s own self-conscious youth, while wryly presenting the now mainstream accessibility of once subcultural and side-lined groups of young people.

The artists create the look from the shoulders up, using a variety of hair styles/wigs, makeup and accessories. Participants are cloaked in a graduation gown and mortarboard and pose with flowers or a diploma in front of a traditional school portrait backdrop.

The graduation portraits are posted on live on our website (, creating the ultimate yearbook of high school drop outs. Cry School Yearbook has been featured as part of Blackwood Gallery’s “Drop Out” during Nuit Blanche at Hart House, Hallwall’s “Artists and Models: Stimulus”, Ontario Association of Art Galleries Awards 2010, Ontario College of Art and Design's Goth Prom Event and TBLGAY (York University's Queer Association).

Cry School Yearbook would like to acknowledge the generous support of:

Blackwood Gallery

Blackwood Gallery

The Art and Art History Program is a joint program between The University of Toronto at Mississauga and Sheridan College.

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